New Paradigm Resources Group

About Us

New Paradigm Resources Group, Inc. (NPRG) is among the nation’s leading strategic consulting and research firms, serving innovators within the communications industry. We identify, analyze and forecast emerging trends and technologies, and provide our clients with market data, information and analysis on industry developments affecting their businesses. Our services support the mission-critical decisions made by service providers, technology developers and financial institutions by enabling them to understand and navigate evolving market conditions.

NPRG is recognized as having the most accurate and comprehensive coverage of sectors across the communications industry. The areas we cover include Access Solutions, Landline Voice and Data, Emerging Wireless Solutions and Video Services.

Our Guiding Principle

Our foundational principle is that our clients operate in a dynamic environment. In order to make effective decisions, clients need data, information, and guidance they can immediately use to address real time challenges and adjust quickly to changing market conditions.

Following this principle, we must (1) listen to and understand clients' requests, (2) deliver pragmatic results, and (3) be able to deliver results quickly and in a form that doesn't require hours of deciphering.

Our expertise permits us to quickly grasp clients' real challenges and help them identify the questions to which they need answers. All of our services - analytical reports and client-specific consulting - build on these principles.

Our Approach

For over 25 years, NPRG has closely followed the progress of industry innovators. On a daily basis we research, talk with and analyze the range of service providers to fully understand their strategy and operations. We filter real, sustainable innovation from marketing bombast and transitory fads. We take a ground-up approach, examining micro-components of the industry as a means of projecting overarching movements and trends. While we're well versed in tracking macro movements within the telecom space, our meticulous and aggregative approach provides for not just greater detail and accuracy, but a more holistic grasp of market complexities and contradictions.

Our Clients

NPRG has successfully promoted the business goals of companies in a range of sectors across the communications industry, including: Investment & Financial Institutions in High-Tech Markets, Emerging Service Providers, Emerging Technology Vendors, Utilities with Telecom Interests, Government Agencies, Trade Associations, Law Firms, and Regulatory Entities.

Why Choose Us

NPRG delivers pragmatic, actionable counsel. 75+ years of industry experience and expertise coupled with our exceptional primary research methods, ensures the right information delivered in a timely, accurate and applicable manner.