New Paradigm Resources Group

Our History

NPRG was founded in 1993 by Terry Barnich and Craig Clausen, both of whom served with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), the state's public utility commission - Barnich as Chairman and Clausen as Senior Policy Advisor to the Chairman. During their tenure with the ICC, both Barnich and Clausen played key roles in opening communications markets to competition and setting the stage for the market structure seen today across the U.S. With their regulatory expertise and market knowledge, Barnich and Clausen immediately put NPRG to work helping nascent Competitive Access Providers enter the newly-opened local telecommunications markets.

In 1996, NPRG took a transformative step by publishing its first syndicated industry analysis report and providing strategic business consulting services. These reports and services complimented NPRG's initial service set involving expert witness projects, regulatory support and guidance and public policy analysis. As the telecom market became more competitive, NPRG developed its reports and services to directly address clients' requests for market analysis and advice.

Today NPRG's team of in-house analysts provide not only expert analysis on emerging technologies and trends across the industry, but also a wealth of data on individual companies, collected over the years through exhaustive research. Unlike firms that rely on readily available information on public companies, we take pride in getting our hands dirty digging into the difficult-to-find data that includes thorough examinations of privately held firms. We continue to move forward along with industry advancements as well as to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.