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The VoIP Report 2006: An Industry Analysis Report

Report Details

Year Published 2006
Pages 349
Price $2450
This report provides detailed analysis of 55 VoIP providers and nine “rising stars,” including ILECs, CLECs, cable telephony, IM (instant messaging) telephony, PC-to-PC telephony, pure-play VoIP and wholesale providers. Carrier coverage includes revenue and VoIP access line totals and forecasts; business model and technology discussions; and information about service pricing. Suited for use by market analysts, competitive intelligence researchers, venture capital analysts and network planners. For the first time, the report provides a compendium of some 50 hardware, software and solutions vendors, spanning providers of IP-PBXs, softswitches and other equipment, as well as companies that offer testing and monitoring, call quality and management and other solutions of importance in providing and using the various forms of VoIP service.

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