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The Low-Latency Services Market

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Year Published 2010
Pages 39
Price $1950
NPRG’s Low Latency Market Report begins evaluating this market opportunity for telecommunications carriers. The objective of this report is to provide telecommunications carriers and technology vendors the foundational knowledge and information to begin assessing their own strategies for addressing the low latency services market opportunity. Therefore, this report begins by defining the services comprising the low latency market. It then moves onto examining the core aspects of this market including the critical factors driving the demand among financial institutions for low latency services, the current centers of low latency market activity, the low latency market ?ecosystem,? the drivers and dynamics shaping and driving this nascent market and the future trends we expect to see emerge for low latency services. This report also identifies the key service providers already serving this market and examines how they are addressing the low latency service requirements of the relevant customers from the financial services vertical. The report is written for decision-makers and strategists at telecommunications service providers looking for insights into and analysis on the emerging and rapidly developing Low Latency services market. While this initial report focuses on the low latency market opportunity for service providers, strategists with equipment vendors will also find the information contained in this report pertinent as they identify opportunities to work with their customers—the carriers and end users—to successfully enter, serve and thrive within this market. Finally, this report will be useful to those, such as venture capital firms, seeking and evaluating investment opportunities within the telecom space.

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