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Competitive Carrier Market Analysis - Reach, Market Share and Growth Potential (2013)

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Year Published 2013
Pages 6200
Price $1450
[Please call us if you wish to order this report. Our number is (312) 980-7840] The web of telecommunications competition is intricate and, at times, intractable. Discerning competitive trends and forces is, however, a necessary first step towards understanding any market and the impacts on other industry participants. Therefore, this report represents a foundational examination of the competitive carrier space by: Identifying the service providers currently operating as the core of the “competitive carrier” industry; Identifying the specific geographic markets in which these providers operate and provide service; The market share of the business services segment each of these carriers holds on a market-by-market basis; The in-market potential each carrier has on a market-by-market basis in the business services space. This report also focuses on the metro (local) market level. Metro access remains and will continue to be the critical component of the overall communications network. Broadband connectivity – beyond that which is supported by traditional TDM solutions – is as essential to businesses today as voice telephone service was 20 years ago. The carriers extending fiber infrastructure deeper into metro areas will be well-positioned as long-term players in the business services market into the foreseeable future. Finally, this report considers the business services market only. While residential and consumer communications services are of course critical, business users’ technological and communications requirements have become more complex and require a different set of service providers to address their needs. We have included those carriers (which are often referred to as “competitive carriers” herein) are those that have deployed metro fiber infrastructure as well as network intelligence (such as switching platforms) to provide advanced services to business customers. These facilities-based “competitive carriers” include CLECs, Cable MSOs and certain ILECs, together serving as the core of the competitive carrier sector.

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