New Paradigm Resources Group

Service Provider Database

Today's telecom industry is more dynamic and complex than it has ever been. As new technologies, advanced services, and wider ranges of carriers emerge, understanding the service providers -- potential customers or competitors -- can take a lot of your limited time.

With the continued growth of the communications industry and the proliferation of service providers and technology vendors, it's a challenge to figure out who's real and who's not. Our Service Provider Research will help you with that.

Our Service Provider Research focuses on the communications industry and the players comprising it. You'll get relevant results right away when you use it to identify a specific company. Additionally, through our continuous research on telecommunications service providers and carriers, NPRG's analysts prepare meaningful information and analysis on these companies. This information is found in the "Service Provider Profiles and Coverage" NPRG produces. Finally, if our databases don't have the company you're looking for or if they are lacking the appropriate information, we'll find the company  and prepare the write up for you as a complimentary service.