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XO Communications, Inc.

XO Communications, Inc. (XOC) is an integrated communications service provider and one of the largest CLECs in the United States.  It offers retail and wholesale telecommunications services to small-to-large enterprises, carriers, and government entities.  XOC operates the wireline telecommunications business segment of XO Holdings, while the wireless division is operated as a separate unit under the brand “NEXTLINK.” XO Holdings facilitates cross-selling of products and services between Nextlink and XO customers. Among XOC's clients are the "Big 5" cable companies in the U.S., four of the five main Internet-centric corporations, and 13 of the world’s largest telecom companies.

XOC operates through three business units: XO Business Services, XO Carrier Services and XO Concentric. Business Services markets its telecommunications solutions to government agencies and business customers, ranging in size from growing businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Business Services provides managed IP, data and end-to-end communications solutions. Carrier Services markets wholesale solutions to carriers and other telecommunications customers. Concentric services are primarily marketed to small business customers. 

Throughout its history, the company has suffered from financial woes. In 2002, XO's parent company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, emerging from bankruptcy protection in January 2003.