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X5 Solutions, Inc.

X5 Solutions' "facilities-based" tag is derived from their ownership and operation of a single softswitch, collocated in Seattle; the company does not own any fiber or other significant network assets. The softswitch is used to serve customers in Seattle, Portland, and Oregon. For clients in other markets, X5 resells services delivered by Tier 1 ILECs, including Qwest and Verizon, as well as CLECs such as Level 3.

X5's initial softswitch was provided by CopperCom.  In late 2008, CopperCom stopped providing upgrades to X5's switching equipment and X5 was put in the business-hindering position of finding alternative ways to maintain this critical switch.  As a result, X5  began migrating its system toward  a MetaSwitch platform in 2009.  While the CopperCom switch still is operating, the MetaSwitch softswitch platform is more stable and robust and allows X5 to offer a richer set of services and perhaps open doors to add mid-market clients to its base of enterprise customers. The new softswitch was migrated with Acme SBCs (session border controllers) and Cisco AS7606 routers.