New Paradigm Resources Group

Sample Client Projects

Below are a few real world scenarios of NPRG's client engagements. Your company may have already encountered similar situations. If your company has experienced these situations, rest assured NPRG can provide you with the data and information you need to make educated decisions that will grow your bottom line.

Strategic Planning

"We're re-evaluating our business plan and considering new markets to enter. Can NPRG help us?"

We understand how evolving telecom markets can create a divergence between companies' business and strategic plans and market realities. We have help carriers and service providers recraft their business plans to put them back on the right course going forward. Our work on this score has ranged from has ranged from providing research into various market factors that need to be considered to re-drafting the entire business plan for our clients.

"We're also considering new services to add to our portfolio. How can NPRG help?"

NPRG's Market Analysis Reports examine emerging revenue-generating opportunities. These reports discuss the service opportunity, its size, forecasted growth, key trends, and market drivers. Market Analysis Reports provide essential inputs for strategy and product planning.

Go To Market Strategy

"My company is launching a new service in the next quarter. We are in the process of developing our initial service offering and I need help defining what we should lead with. How can NPRG help?"

As part of the Client-Specific Research & Consulting component of our proposed service, we can identify those services that are most relevant in the markets and verticals you're considering and we can work with you to craft your service set with the charactertics prospective customers will be expecting to see (such as bundles, bandwidth differences, SLAs offered, waiving of certain charges, term pricing, promotions, etc.). We can also provide you with market size estimates and revenue forecasts for the product portfolio you ultimately go to market with.


"We want to periodically compare our company's performance with a number of other carriers on the basis of various operational factors. How can NPRG's services help?"

NPRG's Service Provider Database & Information system provides you with access to the gamut of service providers and an extensive set of financial and operational metrics. If we don't have the metrics you're looking for, we'll do the necessary research to get them as part of the service.


"We are trying to gauge how well our SLAs for our Metro Ethernet services compare with other service providers. How can NPRG help?"

We're able to research and directly compare your SLAs against those of other carriers' and quickly flag the differences for you. We can also expand this to include other service providers who you may not currently compete with to provide a broader base for the comparison.

Market Research

"We want a better understanding of what enterprise customers will be needing in the future. How can NPRG help?"

NPRG talks to business end-users - large and small - on a regular basis. As a result, we can either extend our conversations to include areas of particular interest to you or we can perform a more formal market research project for you.

Competitive Analysis

"We serve a dozen markets around the country and we face different competitors in each. We want to develop a "Competitive Analysis Tool" that will do two things for us: (1) help our headquarters team monitor changes in each market; and (2) help our sales reps understand how our services compare with the competition. How can NPRG help?"

Through our knowledge and understanding of the telecommunications industry developed over our 16-year history, we would work with you to develop update-able Competitive Analysis briefing reports that are written for both executives and sales reps' needs.